make up 1000x456 - 3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don't

3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don’t

Makeup has been around since the beginning of time. Whether it was used to display a message, a hierarchy level, or simply to look more appealing to the people around you, makeup plays an important role in our lives. Nonetheless, there’s a good way, and a bad way to apply it. Here are 3 rules of makeup most people should know but they don’t.

Group 5 - 3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don't

Choose Products Suited For Your Skin Type

This is crucial for having a healthy skin, due to the ingredients makeup products are made of. Said ingredients could interfere with the healthy development of your skin causing clogged pores, or even breakouts. Go to a makeup store and get your face skin checked to determine what type of skin do you have.

Blend Your Makeup Away

It’s important to be able to blend your makeup, completely. By skipping this step, your whole makeup look will be scruffy and flaky once the product sets on your face for a while. Take some beauty blender and blend away all those brush marks on your face and let your skin absorb the product for a smooth final appearance.

Don’t Try to Change Your Features with Makeup

Love and accept yourself as you are. Makeup is not intended to change, but to enhance your facial features, so it’s important to be able to recognize yourself when looking in the mirror after applying your makeup. Less makeup will make you look more natural, and will enhance your own beauty.

for women - 3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don't

Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

If you want to avoid damaging your skin and stopping clogged pores and blackheads from happening, then it’s vital for you to remove your entire makeup every day before going to bed. If not, the chances of getting breakouts and uneven skin tone are really high.

For everyone, having a nice and clean look on our face may be the best presentation card we have. Thanks to this, it’s crucial to understand when too much makeup is counterproductive in our lives. Learn the basics, and start practicing to master the art of makeup application.

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4 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Have Already

It’s normal to want to look like a chic and elegant woman, without compromising your comfort. Although women fashion world is so wide and varies almost every season, there are some staple clothing pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe. These are one of the most essential items to look good all the time.

kevin grieve 541071 unsplash - 4 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Have Already

A Nice Pair of Jeans

If there’s an item that can save your life and gives you the freedom to take an outfit and make it look as casual as you want, or just stepping up a notch to look classy and formal, no matter the occasion, they are certainly jeans. Get a pair of jeans, with a good and comfortable fit for your body, and you will be ready to conquer the world.

The Perfect Bra

Investing in a quality clothing item, such as a nice and well-fitted bra, will always be a wildcard. It’s like using your favorite shade of lipstick: you will always feel good and sexy no matter what you are wearing. In this case, a nice and fitted bra will make every clothing item look good and will transform the way your body looks.

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A selection of Plain T-shirts

Having a simple collection of plain T-shirts is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. You can dress them up and down according to the situation, and paired with a nice and cute bottom, you will always look like an assorted fashion model.

Nice Pair of Stilettos

Wearing the perfect shoes will always be a life savior, but when it comes to high heels, stilettos are the best among them. They will make you look stylish, chic, sexy, and professional every time. And they can be dressed down a bit when paired with a casual outfit and some bright accessories.

There’s always a time when a woman wishes to upgrade her wardrobe and doesn’t have a clue on what to buy first, or how to choose the perfect outfit. Having these 4 important items will certainly become easier in no time.