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3,500 illegal pyrotechnics ignited last season

There were only 28 violations at winter sports events. According to Sports Minister Strache, legal use in stadiums will continue to be possible.

Vienna – 3,575 pyrotechnic articles were illegally detonated during the 2017/18 season around sports events. This is an increase of 93 percent since 2011/12, said Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) at a meeting with representatives of politics, the Bundesliga, ÖFB and UEFA in Vienna. He identified an “acute need for action”, but exceptions for pyrotechnics should continue to exist.

Football matches were affected in 99 percent of cases of illegal pyrotechnic use. 21 pyrotechnics were used illegally at ice hockey matches and seven at other winter sports events. Bundesliga board member Christian Ebenbauer noted that the Interior Ministry’s figures would also include the illegal use of pyrotechnics outside stadiums. In the arenas, the use of illegal pyrotechnics has massively decreased since the introduction of protected legal areas for the burning of torches. Ebenbauer does not believe that it is currently possible to keep pyrotechnics completely away from football. “We won’t make it, UEFA won’t make it,” said the Bundesliga executive.

The Pyrotechnics Act has been in force in its current form since 2010. Fireworks, Bengali torches or firecrackers may therefore “not be possessed or used in a factual, local or temporal connection with a sporting event”. The organisers may, however, apply for exceptions and permit the burning of certain pyrotechnic classes in certain areas of the stadium with special safety precautions.

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“Illegeal Pyrotechnics a No-Go”

“There is a ban in Austria, but there are also exceptions. I think this is fundamentally correct,” said Sports Minister Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ), who spoke of approved “show performances” when it came to pyrotechnics. Considerations from the spring to abolish the possibility of exception permits have meanwhile been rejected by the Ministry of the Interior, as Secretary General Peter Goldgruber confirmed. Strache and he offered to stand ready for a dialogue with fan representatives.

“However, there is agreement that illegal pyrotechnics are a no-go,” Goldgruber summed up. Current figures on people injured by pyrotechnic articles were not available to the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday. After a parliamentary inquiry by Kickl at the beginning of August, a case was documented in the 2017/18 season in which a girl was injured when fans approached the friendly match between Austria and Brazil. No injuries were reported during the use of approved pyrotechnic articles in the course of exemptions.

Christoph Peschek, Managing Director of Rapid Vienna, agreed to this in a conversation with the APA on the fringes of the event. Since their introduction in spring 2017, there have been no injuries caused by pyrotechnics in the approved areas of the Allianz Stadium. Austria Vienna board member Markus Kraetschmer, who was also among the audience, also called the regulation “reasonable”. The British chemist Tom Smith, who wrote a study on pyrotechnics, however, said: “At sports events, no safe use of pyrotechnics is possible”.

“Football is a reflection of society”

Pyrotechnics cannot be equated with violence, Ebenbauer said. Previously, Marc Timmer, UEFA Head of Stadiums and Security, had spoken of “criminal gangs” that “destroy European cities” and video images of riots in his lecture on football fans. Ebenbauer rejected demands by Sports Minister Strache that the organisers should be held more accountable if violations of the Pyrotechnics Act occur despite exceptions. “Football is a reflection of society; we cannot say that football clubs are solely responsible”.

It recently became known that Rapid legend Steffen Hofmann had received a 500 euro administrative fine for violating the Pyrotechnics Act after his farewell match in the Allianz Stadium in July. The club captain of many years had swung a Bengali torch on a lap of honour in front of the fan curve. In response to a question from the APA, Interior Ministry Secretary General Goldgruber said that illegal behaviour was at stake even if there was no threat to others. “I consider this to be a particularly bad example,” he stressed with regard to the former football professional. Wild Jackpots Casino is an interesting online casino that looks and feels really great.

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Hinteregger enjoys life without a smartphone

ÖFB defender Martin Hinteregger defends his life without a smartphone. The 26-year-old completely does without social media.

Bad Waltersdorf – Martin Hinteregger belongs to the rare species of young people who refuse smartphones and social media. The 26-year-old does without an Internet-enabled mobile phone as well as Facebook, Twitter and Co. and thus leads an extremely pleasant life according to his own statements.

“Everyone has to know that for himself. I have chosen this path and it is very good for me,” said the Carinthian at the ÖFB camp in Bad Waltersdorf. “You only use your mobile phone when you get a call or want to make a call, and that actually happens very rarely during the day. That’s why you have a lot of time for other things. You don’t distract yourself when you have nothing to do, but when you have nothing to do, you just have nothing to do.”

Whatsapp refusers are informed separately

Due to his absence from the Whatsapp groups of the Augsburg and ÖFB teams, he is informed by the respective team managers about the essential things such as training dates. This is not a problem, Hinteregger said, after all, internal team communication also worked in pre-smartphone times.

The abstinence from digital distraction is obviously good for his performance. With the left foot in the central defense, Augsburg – also thanks to a goal of the defender at the 2:1 in Düsseldorf – took four points from two games and entered the second DFB Cup round. “We got off to a really good start. The next games will show where we are going”.

For the time being, however, the defender will be dealing with the upcoming Nations-League away game on Tuesday against Bosnia-Herzegovina and especially with striker star Edin Dzeko. “He doesn’t really have any weaknesses,” Hinteregger said about the AS Roma professional.

Edin Dzeko Honours 

VfL Wolfsburg

  • Bundesliga: 2008–09

Manchester City 

  • Premier League: 2011–12, 2013–14 
  • FA Cup: 2010–11
  • Football League Cup: 2013–14
  • FA Community Shield: 2012


  • Bosnian Footballer of the Year: 2009, 2010, 2011–12. 
  • Castrol Performance Index EDGE Performance of the Month: August 2011
  • Bundesliga Players’ Player of the Year: 2008–09
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2017–18 
  • Premier League Player of the Month: August 2011 
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Man of the Match: vs. Iran
  • Roma Player of the Season 2017–18 by supporters 

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Pjanic and Dzeko questionable for Bosnia

Dzeko, like Miralem Pjanic, a Juventus midfielder who might be questioned for his muscle wrestling, is a world-class kicker, Hinteregger stressed. “The rest of them are solid and good”.

The ex-Salzburg professional was able to get a picture of the Bosnians’ 2-1 away win over Northern Ireland during a video study. “They are within striking distance, we can definitely score three points,” Hinteregger suspected.

The 32-times international (3 goals) is also due to the defensive strength of the ÖFB selection. “The switch to a triple chain makes the whole thing a bit more stable,” explained Hinteregger and added: “We have become very variable and have shown good performances recently”. Kerching features video and classic slots that tailor to all kinds of tastes.