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football wild jackpots casino 1140x456 - 3,500 illegal pyrotechnics ignited last season

3,500 illegal pyrotechnics ignited last season

There were only 28 violations at winter sports events. According to Sports Minister Strache, legal use in stadiums will continue to be possible.

Vienna – 3,575 pyrotechnic articles were illegally detonated during the 2017/18 season around sports events. This is an increase of 93 percent since 2011/12, said Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) at a meeting with representatives of politics, the Bundesliga, ÖFB and UEFA in Vienna. He identified an “acute need for action”, but exceptions for pyrotechnics should continue to exist.

Football matches were affected in 99 percent of cases of illegal pyrotechnic use. 21 pyrotechnics were used illegally at ice hockey matches and seven at other winter sports events. Bundesliga board member Christian Ebenbauer noted that the Interior Ministry’s figures would also include the illegal use of pyrotechnics outside stadiums. In the arenas, the use of illegal pyrotechnics has massively decreased since the introduction of protected legal areas for the burning of torches. Ebenbauer does not believe that it is currently possible to keep pyrotechnics completely away from football. “We won’t make it, UEFA won’t make it,” said the Bundesliga executive.

The Pyrotechnics Act has been in force in its current form since 2010. Fireworks, Bengali torches or firecrackers may therefore “not be possessed or used in a factual, local or temporal connection with a sporting event”. The organisers may, however, apply for exceptions and permit the burning of certain pyrotechnic classes in certain areas of the stadium with special safety precautions.

Bundesliga wild jackpots casino

“Illegeal Pyrotechnics a No-Go”

“There is a ban in Austria, but there are also exceptions. I think this is fundamentally correct,” said Sports Minister Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ), who spoke of approved “show performances” when it came to pyrotechnics. Considerations from the spring to abolish the possibility of exception permits have meanwhile been rejected by the Ministry of the Interior, as Secretary General Peter Goldgruber confirmed. Strache and he offered to stand ready for a dialogue with fan representatives.

“However, there is agreement that illegal pyrotechnics are a no-go,” Goldgruber summed up. Current figures on people injured by pyrotechnic articles were not available to the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday. After a parliamentary inquiry by Kickl at the beginning of August, a case was documented in the 2017/18 season in which a girl was injured when fans approached the friendly match between Austria and Brazil. No injuries were reported during the use of approved pyrotechnic articles in the course of exemptions.

Christoph Peschek, Managing Director of Rapid Vienna, agreed to this in a conversation with the APA on the fringes of the event. Since their introduction in spring 2017, there have been no injuries caused by pyrotechnics in the approved areas of the Allianz Stadium. Austria Vienna board member Markus Kraetschmer, who was also among the audience, also called the regulation “reasonable”. The British chemist Tom Smith, who wrote a study on pyrotechnics, however, said: “At sports events, no safe use of pyrotechnics is possible”.

“Football is a reflection of society”

Pyrotechnics cannot be equated with violence, Ebenbauer said. Previously, Marc Timmer, UEFA Head of Stadiums and Security, had spoken of “criminal gangs” that “destroy European cities” and video images of riots in his lecture on football fans. Ebenbauer rejected demands by Sports Minister Strache that the organisers should be held more accountable if violations of the Pyrotechnics Act occur despite exceptions. “Football is a reflection of society; we cannot say that football clubs are solely responsible”.

It recently became known that Rapid legend Steffen Hofmann had received a 500 euro administrative fine for violating the Pyrotechnics Act after his farewell match in the Allianz Stadium in July. The club captain of many years had swung a Bengali torch on a lap of honour in front of the fan curve. In response to a question from the APA, Interior Ministry Secretary General Goldgruber said that illegal behaviour was at stake even if there was no threat to others. “I consider this to be a particularly bad example,” he stressed with regard to the former football professional. Wild Jackpots Casino is an interesting online casino that looks and feels really great.

ÖFB kerching

Hinteregger enjoys life without a smartphone

ÖFB defender Martin Hinteregger defends his life without a smartphone. The 26-year-old completely does without social media.

Bad Waltersdorf – Martin Hinteregger belongs to the rare species of young people who refuse smartphones and social media. The 26-year-old does without an Internet-enabled mobile phone as well as Facebook, Twitter and Co. and thus leads an extremely pleasant life according to his own statements.

“Everyone has to know that for himself. I have chosen this path and it is very good for me,” said the Carinthian at the ÖFB camp in Bad Waltersdorf. “You only use your mobile phone when you get a call or want to make a call, and that actually happens very rarely during the day. That’s why you have a lot of time for other things. You don’t distract yourself when you have nothing to do, but when you have nothing to do, you just have nothing to do.”

Whatsapp refusers are informed separately

Due to his absence from the Whatsapp groups of the Augsburg and ÖFB teams, he is informed by the respective team managers about the essential things such as training dates. This is not a problem, Hinteregger said, after all, internal team communication also worked in pre-smartphone times.

The abstinence from digital distraction is obviously good for his performance. With the left foot in the central defense, Augsburg – also thanks to a goal of the defender at the 2:1 in Düsseldorf – took four points from two games and entered the second DFB Cup round. “We got off to a really good start. The next games will show where we are going”.

For the time being, however, the defender will be dealing with the upcoming Nations-League away game on Tuesday against Bosnia-Herzegovina and especially with striker star Edin Dzeko. “He doesn’t really have any weaknesses,” Hinteregger said about the AS Roma professional.

Edin Dzeko Honours 

VfL Wolfsburg

  • Bundesliga: 2008–09

Manchester City 

  • Premier League: 2011–12, 2013–14 
  • FA Cup: 2010–11
  • Football League Cup: 2013–14
  • FA Community Shield: 2012


  • Bosnian Footballer of the Year: 2009, 2010, 2011–12. 
  • Castrol Performance Index EDGE Performance of the Month: August 2011
  • Bundesliga Players’ Player of the Year: 2008–09
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2017–18 
  • Premier League Player of the Month: August 2011 
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Man of the Match: vs. Iran
  • Roma Player of the Season 2017–18 by supporters 

Nations-League kerching

Pjanic and Dzeko questionable for Bosnia

Dzeko, like Miralem Pjanic, a Juventus midfielder who might be questioned for his muscle wrestling, is a world-class kicker, Hinteregger stressed. “The rest of them are solid and good”.

The ex-Salzburg professional was able to get a picture of the Bosnians’ 2-1 away win over Northern Ireland during a video study. “They are within striking distance, we can definitely score three points,” Hinteregger suspected.

The 32-times international (3 goals) is also due to the defensive strength of the ÖFB selection. “The switch to a triple chain makes the whole thing a bit more stable,” explained Hinteregger and added: “We have become very variable and have shown good performances recently”. Kerching features video and classic slots that tailor to all kinds of tastes.

League Cup bingo diamond

Lack of playing practice causes Prödl headaches

The Styrian is still waiting at Watford in England for the first league season, but is determined to attend the European Championship.

Bad Waltersdorf – For Sebastian Prödl, the start of the season in the English Football Premier League was anything but as desired – even though Watford won the first four league games. However, the Styrian was either on the bench or in the stands, as in his recent win against Tottenham.

Prödl’s only compulsory game in the summer was his appearance in the League Cup victory against Reading. In the championship, the prospect of early playing practice may not be too good, which in turn threatens his place in the national team. “I’m able to compensate for that for weeks or even months. But in the long run such a situation is not personally acceptable for the national team,” said the Styrian on Sunday at the ÖFB camp in Bad Waltersdorf.

In Watford, Prödl is one of six central defenders in the squad. “Everyone has the quality to play.” Since things have gone so well so far, coach Javi Garcia will probably continue to rely on the duo Craig Cathcart/Christian Kabasele in the defence centre and leave the Austrian on the left. “Of course such a thing can lead to an impairment of the national team,” said Prödl.

Christian Kabasele Honours

Ludogorets Razgrad

  • Bulgarian A Group: 2011–12
  • Bulgarian Cup: 2011–12

English Football Premier League bingo diamond

No change yet

Under team boss Franco Foda, the 31-year-old was promoted to ÖFB defence chief, and he doesn’t want to lose this status at all. “My next big goal is to qualify for the European Championship, and I will subordinate a lot to that. If the situation doesn’t improve, I have to think about something.” Bingo Diamond has it all: free spins, slot machines and the very best bingo sites you can find on the web, with unique rooms and big bonuses.

But that doesn’t mean that he is already aiming for a transfer in the winter transfer time, Prödl stressed. “Injuries and barriers will come, and if I am the one who plays and we have such a run, then this can change quickly. But if there are injuries and I still don’t play, you have to think about something.”

The 70-fold international also attributes his degradation at Watford to food poisoning in May. In his absence, the competition seized its chance. “If I hadn’t gotten sick back then, I might not have been thrown out,” presumed Prödl, adding: “I can’t remember any bad game I played in 2018, either in the club or in the team.”

Competition also in the team

In the ÖFB eleven, the defender was always set last, but the competition is also high here. “None of us know whether he will play against Bosnia or whether we will play three or four. That’s how Foda keeps the tension high, which is an incentive for the players,” says Prödl.

The England legionnaire and his colleagues were presented with an analysis of the Bosnians’ 2-1 away win over Northern Ireland on Sunday morning. “We expected them to play a different game.” Northern Ireland had a lot of ball possession and chances, but the Bosnians won through individual class and the mistakes of Northern Ireland.

This would allow the selection of the Balkan state to win against Austria in the group. “But the game has no final character,” Prödl assured. The goal is to score three points in Zenica and close the gap between a good match like against Sweden and a very good one.

“Dzeko decisive factor”

To achieve this, striker star Edin Dzeko must be kept in check. “He is the decisive factor for the Bosnians. He can finish left and right, can go deep, prepare goals and is very difficult to defend”.

However, the ÖFB team was able to convince in the defence – four of the six test matches this year ended without conceding a goal. “The fact that the coach himself was a defender means that we have a very controlled defence,” said Prödl.

make up 1000x456 - 3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don't

3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don’t

Makeup has been around since the beginning of time. Whether it was used to display a message, a hierarchy level, or simply to look more appealing to the people around you, makeup plays an important role in our lives. Nonetheless, there’s a good way, and a bad way to apply it. Here are 3 rules of makeup most people should know but they don’t.

Group 5 - 3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don't

Choose Products Suited For Your Skin Type

This is crucial for having a healthy skin, due to the ingredients makeup products are made of. Said ingredients could interfere with the healthy development of your skin causing clogged pores, or even breakouts. Go to a makeup store and get your face skin checked to determine what type of skin do you have.

Blend Your Makeup Away

It’s important to be able to blend your makeup, completely. By skipping this step, your whole makeup look will be scruffy and flaky once the product sets on your face for a while. Take some beauty blender and blend away all those brush marks on your face and let your skin absorb the product for a smooth final appearance.

Don’t Try to Change Your Features with Makeup

Love and accept yourself as you are. Makeup is not intended to change, but to enhance your facial features, so it’s important to be able to recognize yourself when looking in the mirror after applying your makeup. Less makeup will make you look more natural, and will enhance your own beauty.

for women - 3 Rules of Makeup Most People Should Know But They Don't

Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

If you want to avoid damaging your skin and stopping clogged pores and blackheads from happening, then it’s vital for you to remove your entire makeup every day before going to bed. If not, the chances of getting breakouts and uneven skin tone are really high.

For everyone, having a nice and clean look on our face may be the best presentation card we have. Thanks to this, it’s crucial to understand when too much makeup is counterproductive in our lives. Learn the basics, and start practicing to master the art of makeup application.

hello i m nik 647823 unsplash 1000x456 - 4 Accessories Every Woman Should Own to Shine Every Time

4 Accessories Every Woman Should Own to Shine Every Time

As women must know, an outfit is not completed without the right accessories. Whether it’s a nice pair of shiny sunglasses, a nice earrings set, or a watch, these items will complement your look. Here are 4 accessories every woman should own to shine every time.

sabina ciesielska 325340 unsplash 1 - 4 Accessories Every Woman Should Own to Shine Every Time


These are one of the most commonly used accessories all over the world, for both men and women. But, there’s no doubt, women love to wear some chic shades to protect their eyes while giving a mysterious and glamorous vibe to the entire look. Choose wisely, and get the best pair to fit the shape of your face.

Hats and Hair Accessories

On the contrary, hats, hair bands, pins, chains and crowns will make your look a bit more fun and sophisticated, depending on the situation. Using these types of accessories will certainly make you shine while trying different hairstyles for a different vibe every time. They will make your outfit look polished, and will attract some looks.

in bossmode 626690 unsplash 1 - 4 Accessories Every Woman Should Own to Shine Every Time


Having a good and trustworthy handbag will make your life easier, and will let you carry your belongings with style and comfort. Whether it’s big or small, a bag will always be a nice way to make a statement with your outfit. Choose a nice and light-weighted bag, but made out of a resistant material.

Jewelry Collection

It’s always nice to have some pretty jewelry to complete your look. But the price is not a handicap when it comes to earrings and jewelry. It’s crucial to know which items are statement pieces to brighten up your outfit, and which ones will be used to complement in a subtle way your whole look.

Women want to own lots of accessories for every occasion, but there’s a way to minimize the number of items, and have only the essential ones. Those specially selected pieces will raise the level of your whole wardrobe style.

Group 6 1000x456 - 4 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Have Already

4 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Have Already

It’s normal to want to look like a chic and elegant woman, without compromising your comfort. Although women fashion world is so wide and varies almost every season, there are some staple clothing pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe. These are one of the most essential items to look good all the time.

kevin grieve 541071 unsplash - 4 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Have Already

A Nice Pair of Jeans

If there’s an item that can save your life and gives you the freedom to take an outfit and make it look as casual as you want, or just stepping up a notch to look classy and formal, no matter the occasion, they are certainly jeans. Get a pair of jeans, with a good and comfortable fit for your body, and you will be ready to conquer the world.

The Perfect Bra

Investing in a quality clothing item, such as a nice and well-fitted bra, will always be a wildcard. It’s like using your favorite shade of lipstick: you will always feel good and sexy no matter what you are wearing. In this case, a nice and fitted bra will make every clothing item look good and will transform the way your body looks.

rawpixel 693037 unsplash - 4 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Have Already

A selection of Plain T-shirts

Having a simple collection of plain T-shirts is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. You can dress them up and down according to the situation, and paired with a nice and cute bottom, you will always look like an assorted fashion model.

Nice Pair of Stilettos

Wearing the perfect shoes will always be a life savior, but when it comes to high heels, stilettos are the best among them. They will make you look stylish, chic, sexy, and professional every time. And they can be dressed down a bit when paired with a casual outfit and some bright accessories.

There’s always a time when a woman wishes to upgrade her wardrobe and doesn’t have a clue on what to buy first, or how to choose the perfect outfit. Having these 4 important items will certainly become easier in no time.